Maintenance & Repair

We have a product & service range that supports process industries.Cement, Steel, Sugar, Glass, Mining and several other process industries where wear & tear is a big problem and parts & machineries collapse in the middle of production due to attacks from wear phenomenons.


Here to these industries we offer our Anti wear plates and parts. Our full range of anti wear welding consumables and Polymer compounds.

Welding Products


We bring to you welding products from Global champions. Our product range includes welding electrodes, machines and accessories. We select our every supplier carefully.


Our every supplier is a world leader in its category and they have enormous amount of experience in supporting your needs.



This is our passion and focus area wherein we are excited to develop future of welding along with you. Here also we have tied up with some world leaders providing machines, robots and systems.


Our job is to understand your needs and then cater to them by assembling various products coming from our partners and utilising their experience in delivering you a best experience of welding automation.

Save on your metal resources

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