We manufacture Chromium carbide wear plates in our state of the art plant in 10th of ramadan industrial area in Egypt

  • Proven Formulations which provide highest amount of wear resistance used
  • A wide variety of plates which cover from basic CrC chromium carbide overlay, Stainless Steel base ,Complex carbides, Tungsten carbides and tailor made formulations to suit OEM needs
  • Dual Overlay is a mix of CrC with Polymers and we have successfully developed severa Dual overlay plates for different work enviroments


We produce parts using our wear plates. These parts give much longer life than standard wear resistant steels due to the tailormade formulations specific to every work enviroment

Plates in different dimensions produced by using CNC bulk welding processes. These plates last much longer in extreme harsh enviroments as compared to other Q&T plates or other CrC plates

Pipes from 4 inches to 100 inches are produced by us. The smaller sizes from 4 inches to 10 inches can we produced seamlessly while the bigger sizes we can produce with our specially developled seam welding techniques

The parts produced using our Overlay wear plates last much longer as compared to standard Q&T options available in the market and primarily because the formulation is designed to suit the application