MEC EG offers a full package of Polymer compounds from world leaders. Along with products we offer a full back up in terms of application selection, product selection and also providing certified applicators.



On-site application

Our team of certified applicators is available 24×7 to carry out critical repairs using polymer compounds. Our applicators have significant experience in using polymer coatings for applications according to the needs of the repair.

Ceramics has been around from the beginning of industry. In our range we have ceramic polymers which provide life extension, additional wear resistance and help save industry resources

Corrosion eats a lot out of modern industry. It is a silent killer and seeps into plant and assets destroying valuable resources. Our complete range of anti corrosion coatings helps customers to protect themselves against this one of the biggest destroyers of modern industry.

Polymers are used widely for anti slip, Insulation, Build up of worn out and also for surface defect protection. The ease of using polymers in all these areas makes it convenient for users.